Future-proof your organization.
Engaging, Scalable and Effective!

Tangible and measurable results within weeks.

With LOOP your employees get the help they need when they need it.  

The ever increasing pace of change, new trends and techniques and new generations... these are just a few of the forces shaping and reshaping our learning needs. Traditional tools and approaches are not designed to meet these challenges 


increase in productivity*

Employees rated their increase in productivity
on average 30%, thanks to LOOP


up to


Between 40 and 60% engagement among registered users




50% improvement in the strategic skills identified by the organization


up to



In groups using LOOP, compared to groups not using LOOP

* After 6 months. Based on user perception and feedback
** After 6 months. Based on users' self-assessment in LOOP

Frequently Asked Questions

How is LOOP different from collaboration tools like Slack or Teams?

Collaboration tools are great at sharing specific information within groups. LOOP was designed with skilling at scale in mind and promotes continuous learning and knowledge sharing across the entire organization in a new, unique, unprecedented and engaging way.

How long does it take to to implement LOOP in my organization?

Getting started is a matter of a few simple steps and our customers are normally up & running within two to four weeks and see tangible results right from the start.

Can I try LOOP?

Yes, we offer a pilot that gives your organization the possibility to try LOOP for a limited period at a fixed price and for unlimited users. Ask us about it.

What kind of support do I get from you?

We are here to help. Your personal Customer Success Manager will follow you before, during and after launching LOOP within the organization.

What is your license model?

LOOP is pay-per-user and you are only billed for the users registered in LOOP. 
And because we know that LOOP creates value from day one, we also implement a pay-per-month subscription.

You don't need to decide up-front how long you want to use LOOP and you are free to stop at any time.