Your security, our priority

Security and data protection are at the core of LOOP.

Therefore we use the latest technologies and
recommendations to protect your information.

LOOP is designed with security in mind from the very beginning. We implement comprehensive technical solutions as well as organizational structures and processes to ensure that your information is safe.

Take advantage of multi-layered security across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations in Azure.
Benefit from a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to help safeguard your business assets and data in Azure.

Multilayered security

Microsoft Azure uses a wide variety of physical, infrastructure and operational controls to achieve the highest degree of security.

Security is enforced on several levels:

  • Identity and Directory Infrastructure

  • Applications

  • Network Controls

  • Operating System

  • Physical Hosts

  • Physical Network

  • Physical Datacenter


Trusted by Millions

Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation across physical, infrastructure, and operational security.

Customers like Smithfield and Merrill Corporation choose Azure to be their trusted cloud due to its platform security.