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Talents are hard to find, even harder

to retain

Attracting, developing and retaining talents has never been more challenging. The ever increasing pace of change together with global competition and macro-trends like the gig economy result in companies worldwide struggling to find the people that will ensure their resilience and success.

CEOs all over the world see securing the right talent as one of their business priorities and the ability to constantly develop skills internally is becoming a key competitive advantage and success factor.

LOOP is the answer. We unlock all the competence within the organization creating limitless learning interactions and networks between employees. This not only boosts employees’ development but also creates a learning and sharing culture that contributes to higher employee retention and attraction.



Without LOOP


Great companies have GREAT people.

At LOOP we have mentoring in our mind and soul. Our journey started back in 2015, sparked by the insight that each and every individual has unlimited potential and competence.

The result is micromentoring, the new, effective and engaging way to empower people to create and develop skills. Loop officially launched in 2018 and the platform was meant to inspire and drive social impact.

Since then we have focused on people and skills, finding new and innovative ways to create and share knowledge, thus making companies more competitive and successful.


Organizations need to

provide the right tools to promote continuous competence development

in new, engaging ways.

"Mentoring is rated as one of top 5 priorities by millennials when choosing a new company."

Source: Deloitte



With micromentoring, employees have limitless knowledge at their fingertips, take responsibility for their own development and help others to grow.

Creating opportunities for employees to grow and making sure knowledge

is shared makes the organization resilient and future-proof.




Mentoring has proven to dramatically increase employee retention.

Micromentoring takes it a step further by creating multiple mentoring relationships and a learning culture where employees constantly grow.


The evolution of mentoring

Our recipe is simple but effective, we provide employees with the tools to seamlessly find, consume and share knowledge across the entire company. Learning becomes a natural part of the work life and competence constantly flows across locations, functions and organizations.

In contrast to traditional mentoring, that assumes mentoring relationships should be a long term commitment by one mentee and one mentor, micromentoring is about short, focused and frequent learning interaction between employees.

Employees can be both mentees and mentors at the same time, therefore both helping others grow and getting insights from peers.

Micromentoring scales effortlessly making all the available knowledge in the company available at the employees’ fingertips.

Employees are empowered and take responsibility for their continuous development, discovering new skills and improving existing ones.

Cloud based. You are up & running within the hour!

Scale up or scale out? LOOP is enterprise-ready, supports distributed organisations and most languages. 


With LOOP's innovative approach you are up & running within the hour

No installation

LOOP is web-based, new users and locations are up & running within seconds. 

Simple license

Our license model is as simple as it gets! You only pay for the actual users, all included (platform, operations and support).

100% Cloud

LOOP is buit for and runs on Microsoft's world-class cloud platform Azure.

Top Security

Security is central to us, that's why we use the latest technologies to keep your information safe.


LOOP offers virtually unlimited scalability. From a few users to thousands of mentees and mentors globally.



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