Skilling and reskilling made engaging, scalable and effective!

Loop unlocks all the competence within the organization, creating
limitless learning interactions and networks between employees

Boost employees' development and create a learning and sharing environment with LOOP!


How does it work?

What skills does your organization need?

Use LOOP to easily identify the skills that are critical to your organization and where you have the biggest competence gaps

We are all mentors!

Employees add their current areas of expertise as well as skills they want to develop

In a matter of seconds they gain insight into who
has the knowledge they need and who might need their help

Let the magic happen

Employees share and acquire skills by interacting with their peers

Knowledge flows seamlessly across functions, businesses and locations

Track your progress

Follow up how LOOP is promoting skilling, reskilling and upskilling in your organization by using our
out-of-the-box reports

Learn on the run

LOOP makes sure that your employees constantly keep up to date with the topics of their choice, no matter where they are

LOOP in 70 seconds

Get started by checking this short video and book a personal demo to learn more!


About Loop

Our license model is as simple as it gets! You only pay for the actual users, all included (platform, operations and support)

With LOOP's innovative approach you are up & running within the hour

LOOP is built for and runs on Microsoft's world-class cloud platform Azure

Web-based and SaaS. New users and locations are up and running within seconds

LOOP offers virtually unlimited scalability. From a few to thousands of users globally

Security is central to us, that's why we use the latest technologies to keep your information safe


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