Skilling and reskilling made engaging, scalable and effective!

Loop unlocks all the competence within your organization, creating limitless learning interactions and networks between employees

Boost employees' development and create a learning and sharing environment with LOOP!

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Companies worldwide are struggling to develop the skills they need to continuously transform, adapt and innovate in order to stay competitive.
New trends and techniques constantly develop and the ability to align internal skills with business goals is increasingly becoming a business advantage.

What can LOOP do for you?


Break internal silos!

Remove internal barriers and seamlessly connect employees across locations, groups and functions.


With our peer-to-peer platform users reach out to their colleagues to get help and share knowledge.

Unlock your organisation's full potential with LOOP!

Boost employees development

LOOP makes reskilling and upskilling engaging, scalable and effective.

Short, frequent and focused learning interactions between peers ensure you always have the right skills to grow, transform and innovate.


Keep your workforce up to date

LOOP keeps your workforce up to speed with new trends and techniques by making sure that existing skills are continuously improved and creating new ones.

Our out of the box dashboards let you track your development day by day.

Create learning networks

With LOOP, employees can reach out to peers across organizational and geographical silos to acquire new skills and share the ones they have.

LOOP contributes to a healthy company culture where employees are connected, share knowoledge

and contribute to the organization's well-being.


Unlock Internal Skills

Instead of trying to find the talent you need outside your organization, LOOP enables you to unlock the unlimited potential already in the company.


LOOP reduces recruitment needs by unlocking the internal skills in a natural way. 

"LOOP is very well aligned with our agile strategy and ambitions, supporting and promoting our lean transformation"
Managing Director
Fortune 500 company
"Being able to reskill employees is critical for any company wanting to renew itself"
Innovation Manager
+3000 employees corporation

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